March Open Horse show has been post poned until further notice. It will most likely be in the beginning of May.



NTBHC promotes the showing of happy, healthy four legged best friends. We are against any type of abuse and neglect. We are located in the Cleburne, TX area.  


These are our rules at any event we host:

  • All horses must have negative coggins within the past 12 months.
  • Offensive or foul language will not be tolerated.
  • Stallions are allowed, but MUST be on their best behavior.
  • If your horse is overly aggressive or acting in a dangerous manner that could harm you, other riders, or any other equines, you WILL be excused.
  • Please make sure you tie a ribbon of the correct color in your horse's tail if your horse is any of the following: stallion (yellow), young or green (green), a kicker (red) or for sale and you would like to let others know (white).
  • While casual riding attire is allowed at any event, but please use your best judgment on what is and isn't appropriate to ride in. A t-shirt and jeans are fine but no bikini tops please.
  • No abusive practices will be tolerated. If your horse appears to be in pain you will be excused and disqualified.